Sunday, June 25, 2017

♥ Aqours Uniform Review (ROLECOS) [Photo Heavy!]

This time, I will be reviewing ROLECOS's Aqours Spring uniform!

This cosplay was NOT sponsored. I purchased it here

First things first, I actually had to buy the cosplay twice. The first time, I bought a size M because the measurements were the right ones for me and had a bit of wiggle room. When the uniform arrived, the skirt was much too small. It was about 4 cm smaller than listed, so I sold the uniform and purchased a size L.

Kindly enough, ROLECOS's customer service was helpful, and gave me a small discount while purchasing my second cosplay.

So YES!! Size up when purchasing!

ROLECOS is also based in the US, so shipping for the uniform only took about four days!

The package came really early for an order off Aliexpress. In my past experience, ROLECOS is the only seller to ship from the USA. They are based in New York, and it only took 4 days to arrive!

The package came in a specialized mailer!

The cosplay was in another bag to preserve cleanliness!

I love Aqour's uniform, and I'm so happy at how pretty the uniform came out!

Here is this top!

The red "ribbon" part is removable!


The zipper located on the side up to the armpit is a bit rough. It takes time and effort to open and close, which has become a problem for me. I had to ask my mother to help me pull down the zipper ;n;

There is a button near the chest area to make the seifuku easier to wear ouo

Honestly, I think the sleeves are a bit too puffy? I mean it is part of the character design but it makes the shoulder-armpit area feel less comfortable.



The shirt is also a bit short on me! If I were to raise my arms, my stomach would show. Then again, I am 168-170cm tall.

The ribbon + clip is one of my favorite parts of this uniform.
The clip is made of gold painted metal and it's adjustable, just like the ribbon.
I don't know, I found the two cute ;w;

On to the skirt!

I had a lot of trouble with the size M skirt. It was the entire reason I had to size up to L. It was too small around the waist and too short for size M, and I found myself having similar troubles with the size L. The waist size was fine, but ROLECOS designed the skirt to be a bit too short. I compared the skirt with my Muse uniform skirt, and my Mirai Kuriyama skirt, and it was 1-2cm shorter. 
Of course this isn't a problem to many people, but as a modest cosplayer, I wish the skirt was made to be a bit longer.

A button and zipper fastened the skirt!

The buttonhole needs a bit a of snipping to fit the button in easily and that's about it!
The zipper on the skirt was much smoother compared to the zipper on the the shirt,

Here is the entire cosplay!

As you can see, both the skirt and the shirt are a bit short on me. I'd mind if this was my first time purchasing the cosplay, but since it is my second time, I gave up and will be keeping it.

Quality: 9/10
Shipping: 10/10
Comfort: 7/10
Size: 7/10

I hope this review helped!

Happy Cosplaying!

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