Monday, July 10, 2017

♥ BODYLINE Unidolized Marine Umi Cosplay Review

Another LoveLive! Cosplay Review!

Logistics first~

I did a group order with my cover LoveLive! group, Shining☆9 and purchased all 9 outfits. 
The shipping for BODYLINE starts at ~$19, and it doesn't increase until you have 10+ items in your cart, so group orders are your best friend!

The items were shipping very quickly, and arrived within a week's time with EMS!

Most of them came in plastic bags with a hanger like this:

It was the first time I received any cosplay item that came on a hanger!

Here are some pictures of it without the plastic covering!

The extending fabric you can tie into a bow!

The anchor and gem clip was not initially attached.

They're pins with a matching gold backing~

The buttons up the side aren't fake!

When I first received the costume, I was a bit confused by the skirt.

BODYLINE had used a simple stitch along the bottom of the skirt to retain the pleats in the skirt. It was quite time consuming to remove all of the stitches though.

Here's the full cosplay!

As many cosplays, this one did not have much ventilation, and wearing it in a warm environment for elongated periods of time, feels stuffy and uncomfortable.

Also, it was hard to lift my arms all the way due to the stiffness of the shoulders. My group's Eli had the same problem, maybe it's just the design of the outfit?

Quality: 9/10
Shipping: 7/10*
Comfort: 7/10
Size: 9/10

* Hanayo's marine outfit was ordered along with the original group order. but BODYLINE mistakenly left out her outfit. The cosplay was shipped in a different order, but the shipping for Hanayo was NOT refunded.

Shining☆9 brought unidolized Marine to PortConMaine!

Here are some pictures of Umi and others!

Photos are by my wonderful boyfriend!
Maki: @itslapis

Thank you so much for reading!

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